July 9, 2017

Western Prairie Town

The Calgary Stampede, the 'Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth' is underway! Yaaaahoo!!

We drove to the charming western prairie town of Nanton, Alberta a couple of weeks ago in search of antiques and some new western gear for Stampede. Nanton is a treasure trove of antiques. The architecture is just what you'd expect to see in an early 1900's western town. Spend the day strolling main street and stop for lunch or a cup of tea. Don't forget to visit the Bomber Command Museum!

June 17, 2017

My Beauties

The garden is really filling-in now, and the first show-stoppers of the year are my purple and yellow bearded irises! 
Our next door neighbor passed them on last summer when she was thinning hers out.  

I love how they are reaching toward the south facing sun in this photo.

Is it just me? Or, do you think she's trying to say something?



June 4, 2017

Lilac Season


It's our city's Lilac Festival on 4th Street today! Perfectly timed for an abundance of sweet smelling white and purple-hued blooms to pair with the festivities.
I love filling the house with their fresh fragrance each year. I hosted a bridal shower at this time a few years ago and needed flowers for the event. I filled the house with large to small arrangements of lilacs. After all, the brides' wedding color was purple!
Be sure to stop and smell the lilacs today!

May 14, 2017

In the Mews!

It's been weeks since I've written a post! So much going on. We've been busy sprucing-up the garden and our deck, (more on that to come!), as well as planning a trip to Paris!
In the meantime, not sure if you are familiar with a 'mews' house. Essentially, the 'mews' house is where the chauffer used to live above the garage or 'carriage house' located behind the towering upper middle class to upper class townhouses of London.  I think this would be my preferred style of housing in London for many reasons: quiet back lane streets, privacy, and off-street parking - practically unheard of in London!  In my mind, the value is incredible. And for a cool 4 to 8 million GBP, one of these could be yours... :) Truly still a bargain in London.  



This last one is my favorite!!

April 16, 2017

Easter Yellow

There is no more surer sign of spring than a bounty of yellow blooms and handsome birdlife.  (Even if photo-bombed by a pigeon). Yellow is the most uplifting color this time of year. Even on a dreary day in London, daffodils bursting with the deep yellow flowers brighten-up all of St. James's park. These photos are from last month, so by now, London is bursting with green foliage.

~ Happy Easter! Hope you're enjoying a beautiful Easter Sunday. ~

March 25, 2017

A Touch of Red


Here in Calgary, most days are brilliant with sunshine - even in the winter! In this environment bright paint colors appear to be even more intense. Subdued colors seem to be the preferred tones. Alternatively, in an overcast climate as England typically experiences, bright colors, especially red, just pop out beautifully. What a gorgeous colour to offset stone buildings on cloudy days!


March 8, 2017

London Refresh

With a few things to celebrate, we returned to our favorite city for some greenery and a refreshing (and luxurious!) break. How lovely it was to be surrounded by daffodils, crocuses and cherry blossoms. The luxury of our South Kensington hotel was the icing on the cake. 



It is still winter at it's worst here in Calgary, so I am missing London already. Until next time!