January 7, 2018

New Year Refresh

(A pretty view of the Rocky Mountains from the Glenmore Reservoir in Calgary, AB)

We've had a warm and refreshing chinook wind here over the past few days. These mild temperatures always get me inspired for a brisk walk and doing more activities. It also seems to have inspired my desire to completely redecorate. So, before I got totally caught-up in that notion, I took action and honed in on some small scale changes.
First, I ordered new covers for our air return vents on the main floor. A small detail but a significant change. I ordered the new covers through Majestic Vent Covers in California. The ordering process online was so easy and they have many beautiful styles. I selected the 'Ribbon Grille' style in silver. Through the ordering and shipping process, Donna in their sales department was especially helpful!


The second improvement currently underway is the reframing of two pieces of art. This painting that was a gift to Andrew's father, is long overdue a proper frame. With the help of an expert at Michael's I chose a double mat with color and an interesting larger metallic wood frame. I can't wait to share the result with you.

I'm also having this oil painting reframed for the second time. I'm a little bored of its subdued transitional look and decided to go in an entirely new direction. I think the larger new frame and border will compliment the colors and make the piece more significant.

Are you making any changes to your home for the New Year? New paint? a rug perhaps? Or an new furniture arrangement? Have fun and enjoy it!

December 22, 2017

Wishing You a Merry Christmas!

The Prince House - Heritage Park, Calgary

We finally finished all of our errands and last minute shopping early this morning. What a relief! I'm definitely ready for a glass of something sparkling, and I don't mean water!

 ~Wishing you and yours a safe, healthy and blessed Christmas! ~


December 17, 2017

The Christmas Tree!

Our fresh balsam fir tree was delivered this past Wednesday. I had ordered it from a tree farm in Nova Scotia called, Porter River Christmas Trees. A 6 ft tree was $80.00 (+gst) with my $10.00 loyalty discount. The price includes delivery and set-up (if required). John from Porter River texted me the day of our requested delivery with an estimated drop off time. It is so nice to have the tree delivered and not deal with transporting it home yourself. The tree is so incredibly green and fragrant!
The trees are stored in a temperature-controlled compartment so they aren't frozen when received. This prevents them from drying out too quickly and going into shock. Did you know you can also place an order as a gift? What a great idea!

What type of tree do you have? Douglas fir, Scotch pine, spruce, or maybe, faux??

December 5, 2017

An Art Deco Christmas

So many hotels do such a fantastic job decorating for Christmas. A local favorite of mine is the Rimrock Hotel in Banff, Alberta. Tucked into a mountainside, each room has an incredible mountain view. I also appreciate that this hotel does not get the foot traffic from tourists that some others do. It's an intimate, quite retreat. Overall, the d├ęcor of the hotel is mixed, but there is an art deco influence; especially in their stunning art deco styled ballroom! Yes, I want a tuxedo sofa exactly like this for our living room. Oh, Santa!....


It's Christmastime! I'm really in the mood this year. But it's only December 4th, and already I'm so tired. I've taken a vitamin boost for some extra energy - here's hoping it does the trick. I've got 20 more days to go!

November 12, 2017

Guest Room Re-do!

We have a cosy  guest room for one in our house, which I have featured before here. I like to think of it as a quaint little room that could be in a bed and breakfast. It's such a relaxing little oasis, that we often use for reading, or, when one of us isn't feeling well. Somehow that room makes you feel just a bit better.
I changed out the Ikea Hemnes dresser (it sold in 15 minutes in Kijiji! I had over a dozen offers!) for a dark wood armoire originally in our living room. I painted it in Farrow and Ball's 'Skimming Stone'. I did not enjoy the painting project at all. Thank goodness for Andrew who helped me though mid-way and encouraged me to finish it. The guest room color is also F&B in 'Bone'. I think the color of the armoire and walls work nicely together.


We call the guest room, the 'bird room' because of the framed bird prints, and there are many neighborhood birds flying past the window now and then. Bertie (our big cat) thinks it's his room. It has become his favorite place to sleep at night. So, sometimes one of us has to share the bed with the cat!


October 31, 2017



It's a rainy, overcast, spooky afternoon here in our city. Looking forward to greeting the tricker-treaters with their favorite Halloween treats, and enjoying our usual tradition of sipping on Italian red wine and Italian-inspired snacks (not sure how it started, but it's what we do).

Bertie loved greeting the kids last year. His job at the moment, is guarding candy and cheesies...
Have a safe and spooky Halloween!

October 22, 2017


I think creating arrangements or groupings of decorative objects give a subconscious depth to a room and serve as a backdrop for the larger, more obvious pieces. I enjoy placing everything into strategic groupings and rearranging them until I think it's 'right'. Although my skills aren't as honed as the professionals,  I certainly try to replicate what the pros do!


It's been so incredibly windy in southern Alberta over the last couple of weeks....

I hope we don't blow away before Halloween!