November 12, 2017

Guest Room Re-do!

We have a cosy  guest room for one in our house, which I have featured before here. I like to think of it as a quaint little room that could be in a bed and breakfast. It's such a relaxing little oasis, that we often use it for reading, or, when one of us isn't feeling well. Somehow that room makes you feel just a bit better.
I changed out the Ikea Hemnes dresser (it sold in 15 minutes in Kijiji! I had over a dozen offers!) for a dark wood armoire originally in our living room. I painted it in Farrow and Ball's 'Skimming Stone'. I did not enjoy the painting project at all. Thank goodness for Andrew who helped me though mid-way and encouraged me to finish it. The guest room color is also F&B in 'Bone'. I think the color of the armoire and walls work nicely together.


We call the guest room, the 'bird room' because of the framed bird prints, and there are many neighborhood birds flying past the window now and then. Bertie (our big cat) thinks it's his room. It has become his favorite place to sleep at night. So, sometimes one of us has to share the bed with the cat!


October 31, 2017



It's a rainy, overcast, spooky afternoon here in our city. Looking forward to greeting the tricker-treaters with their favorite Halloween treats, and enjoying our usual tradition of sipping on Italian red wine and Italian-inspired snacks (not sure how it started, but it's what we do).

Bertie loved greeting the kids last year. His job at the moment, is guarding candy and cheesies...
Have a safe and spooky Halloween!

October 22, 2017


I think creating arrangements or groupings of decorative objects give a subconscious depth to a room and serve as a backdrop for the larger, more obvious pieces. I enjoy placing everything into strategic groupings and rearranging them until I think it's 'right'. Although my skills aren't as honed as the professionals,  I certainly try to replicate what the pros do!


It's been so incredibly windy in southern Alberta over the last couple of weeks....

I hope we don't blow away before Halloween!

October 9, 2017

Two Thanksgivings

We were a bit spoiled this year with two Thanksgiving diners. My mom is out of town this weekend so she hosted a lovely family dinner last weekend, in a rustic French family style. This weekend Andrew and I prepared our own Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, I added my special accompaniment to the meal: Stove Top stuffing (Shhh! Don't tell my mom!). I know it's not the best, but I like it for some reason.

We took our time preparing our seasonal favorites while enjoying the fireplace and view of the outdoor surroundings. The color of our neighbors apple tree is so spectacular this time of year!

 ~ Wishing you a plentiful and restful Thanksgiving this year! ~

September 25, 2017

Fall Harvest

Yesterday was all about culinary indulgence. I kicked off the day with Executive Chef, Judy Wood, of 'Meez' and some others from the Meez gang at the by-invitation opening of Craft Beer Market at their new Southcentre location. They were featuring their brunch menu, so we each chose different dishes and passed them around the table (with Caesars and ciders in hand!). I think the 'chicken and waffles', and the 'avocado eggs benedict' were the favorites. Thank you, Craft!!
Next on the agenda was to help my mom remerchandise the harvest table at the Meez store in Willow Park Village. The ladies had already pulled all of their fall décor from storage. I had so much fun turning the table into a fall theme and playing around with different arrangements of items. In the end, they were very happy with the result. 

Have you been to Meez? The quality of their food is unsurpassed; it contains no preservatives and is prepared by professionals in their incredible off-site  commercial kitchen. The store is also brimming with gourmet treats and indulgences for entertaining. Give yourself a break and order their chef-prepared 'heat and serve' Thanksgiving dinner this year.

~ What are you planning for Thanksgiving? It's only two weeks away! ~

September 13, 2017

Summer's End

With leaves already starting to turn to deep yellows and shades of amber, paired with some cooler mornings, it's apparent that summer is coming to an end. It has been a long, hot, dry, crispy, smoky (forest fires) summer. I admit, I'm very much looking forward to cooler temperatures and some precipitation.
This guy will need to get used to going without his summer romps in the garden !

With all of the problems we've had with the William Baffin climbing rose being skeletonized by insects, we made the decision to move him into this corner. I did some research on insects and surrounded the rose with cat mint and sage. Some birch branches were also added to attract helpful insects. The final touch is this charming insect hut for garden friends to thrive.

So far, these changes have had a tremendous difference. Here's hoping that next year, the rose will be back to its former glory.

To welcome in the new season, I've switched our summer front door décor to something more late-summery, early-fall.  Are you ready for the new season ahead?

August 20, 2017

A Country Life

I've always been one part city mouse, one part country mouse; especially when it comes to the English countryside. So, the possibility of living in England in the years to come is quite appealing.
On our last visit in March, we did quite a bit of research and admired several lovely properties in Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire in their charming villages and hamlets. Their direct access to London is an added bonus. From updated workers cottages to barn conversions, or even a new build - we are considering all the possibilities! Some examples...

This last one is my favorite. These cottages are located on the Ashton Estate near a lovely village. One of the thatched roof cottages is currently for sale and  would be perfect for us!

~ Until the next visit - I'll be dreaming about my country cottage...~