January 7, 2018

New Year Refresh

(A pretty view of the Rocky Mountains from the Glenmore Reservoir in Calgary, AB)

We've had a warm and refreshing chinook wind here over the past few days. These mild temperatures always get me inspired for a brisk walk and doing more activities. It also seems to have inspired my desire to completely redecorate. So, before I got totally caught-up in that notion, I took action and honed in on some small scale changes.
First, I ordered new covers for our air return vents on the main floor. A small detail but a significant change. I ordered the new covers through Majestic Vent Covers in California. The ordering process online was so easy and they have many beautiful styles. I selected the 'Ribbon Grille' style in silver. Through the ordering and shipping process, Donna in their sales department was especially helpful!


The second improvement currently underway is the reframing of two pieces of art. This painting that was a gift to Andrew's father, is long overdue a proper frame. With the help of an expert at Michael's I chose a double mat with color and an interesting larger metallic wood frame. I can't wait to share the result with you.

I'm also having this oil painting reframed for the second time. I'm a little bored of its subdued transitional look and decided to go in an entirely new direction. I think the larger new frame and border will compliment the colors and make the piece more significant.

Are you making any changes to your home for the New Year? New paint? a rug perhaps? Or an new furniture arrangement? Have fun and enjoy it!