June 16, 2012

Fountains & Finches

It's been a bit of an earlier spring season here in Calgary. Spring actually started in May this year which (believe it or not) is early. As a result, our garden is already bursting with green and blossom! Here is the fountain that we finally chose as an addition to our shade garden. I can't wait until the ferns fill in around it. 

Another lovely surprise this Spring was the return of our beloved finch couple. These two charming house finches returned again in April and built another nest in our artificial cedar tree on our front porch. Since then, their fledglings have left and they have already hatched another brood in the cedar tree on the other side of the porch! We have learned that they often nest in quirky places close to humans for protection from predators. We are delighted to host them and be their guardians. Here are some shots of the finch family so far this year.....
Mrs. Finch
Mr. Finch
Family members encourage the chicks to fly
This year's first nest of chicks (all five) ready to leave the nest
Second nest decorated by Mrs. Finch with cherry blossoms
Five more eggs in the new nest
New chicks recently hatched!