July 7, 2010

Garden Envy

Lately I have been suffering from a rather serious case of garden envy. Above is just a tiny morsel of the stunning (stunning!!) Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We have been trying to establish our garden since moving into our house last fall. All we have to work with is grass and some desperate earth. Is it possible for any tree, plant or flower to actually grow here? Alberta does not have the same climate or topography as British Columbia so no recreations of the above will be happening. Our garden "dirt" is certainly different from what Andrew is used to in England so there is a lot of "bloody hell" remarks. All this work (Okay, mostly Andrew's work) has made me appreciate the incredible gardens that many Calgarians have created in our cool and dry climate (Zone 2 - yikes!). I am discovering that each part of a garden large or small should be "furnished" and styled just like an indoor room. Give us a few more weeks and I will post some photos of what we have completed in phase 1 of our garden. In the meantime I will dream of luscious gardens in far away places....Some gardens from our travels that really captured me:

The Gardens at Kensington Palace London, England

The Botanical Gardens in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Relaxed old-Hollywood feeling gardens at the Colony Palms Hotel Palm Springs, CA USA

More of the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Nicely put! Smith Square in London, England