May 14, 2017

In the Mews!

It's been weeks since I've written a post! So much going on. We've been busy sprucing-up the garden and our deck, (more on that to come!), as well as planning a trip to Paris!
In the meantime, not sure if you are familiar with a 'mews' house. Essentially, the 'mews' house is where the chauffer used to live above the garage or 'carriage house' located behind the towering upper middle class to upper class townhouses of London.  I think this would be my preferred style of housing in London for many reasons: quiet back lane streets, privacy, and off-street parking - practically unheard of in London!  In my mind, the value is incredible. And for a cool 4 to 8 million GBP, one of these could be yours... :) Truly still a bargain in London.  



This last one is my favorite!!