May 24, 2013

Kitchen Nook - Finally!

I have finally got around to scheduling an electrician to install the light fixture in the kitchen nook (Along with a few others around the house). I had selected the last light fixture I featured in a previous post here. The fixture is brushed nickel but it looks like a much warmer metal in this photo. I'm really pleased with how much larger this space looks and feels now.....
This is how I had set-up this area when we moved in. It felt closed-in with the wood shelf on the opposite wall that you can see a part of in the photo. I didn't like the dark square table in this space either.

My Kijiji find! This old wrought iron table and chairs set was perfect for what I had in mind.
I wasn't sure about all of the scrolling detail of the table and chairs but I persevered. I ordered a piece of tempered glass for the top and recovered the chairs. Andrew spray painted the chairs and  table for me.
A temporary set-up with my outdoor Lacko chairs from Ikea.
Changing the light fixture from the track light to the lantern-style chandelier made such a difference. My advice on chandelier size always choose something larger that you think you need - trust me! 
A little melange of art from some vacations we've taken. Two prints from Maui, a pen & ink from New York by Albert, (an artist on the Brooklyn Bridge), and a photo of the original Starbucks in Seattle.
Finally a nice space to enjoy the garden while having breakfast or just sipping a nice cup of French coffee!